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Sunday - February 18, 2018
Finding a Lawyer or Law Firm that you can trust, having the expertise of handling your legal needs can definitely be a challenge.  With over 46 years in the Practice of Law, Attorney Phillips B. Hildner, II can help you...

Estate Planning

     Why is important to establish an Estate Plan or start the Estate Planning Process? Many people ask this very question each day. Why should I have an Estate Plan and why is important? The simple answer to that question would be avoiding Probate.

  Some people ask, what is Probate?   If you don't have an Estate Plan (Will and Trust) then heirs have to go through the lengthly process of getting the Probate Courts approval before the said heirs can begin the process of taking control of the deceased persons assets.

     If you have not yet considered an Estate Plan, then there is never a better time to have one done by an Estate Planning Attorney.  Attorney Hildner is a member of the State Bar of Michigan's Domestic, Probate and Estate Planning Section and with over 46 years experience can help to make sure your estate avoids Probate.

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